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  International Cooperation

Professor Giulio Di Toro from the UniversitàdegliStudi di Padova and two other scientistscome to our institute for exchange visits

2019/11/28 15:16:08

At the invitation of researcher Ma Shengli, Professor Giulio Di Toro from UniversitàdegliStudi di Padova, Professor Cristiano Collettini from Sapienza University of Rome, and Dr. Stefano Aretusini from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Italy, visited the Institute of Geology on July 18, 2019.

Professor Giulio Di Toromadepresented a report titled “The geology, physics and chemistry of earthquakes hosted in carbonate-built rocks.” His research explored the fault weakening phenomenon caused by transient thermal pressure and other mechanisms in earthquake movement through low-speed and high-speed friction experiments on carbonate rocks commonly found in fault zones.

Professor Cristiano Collettinidelivered a report titled “The mechanics of slow earthquakes, precursors to the stress drop, and the origin of fluid driven fault slip.” His research focused on the mechanical mechanism of slow earthquakes, the relationship between wave velocity and stress drop, and the role of fluid pressurization by simulating a two-axis slow sliding friction experiment on shale and calcite pore pressure in the laboratory. Finally, the effect of weak phase minerals on the weakening of fault slip was discussed.

Professor Stefano Aretusinigave a report titled “Seismic propagation during the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake: a perspective from friction experiments.” He studied the motion process of co-earthquake slip in the WenchuanEarthquake through friction experiments on scientific drilling samples from the Wenchuan earthquake fault zone.

These reports attracted more than 30 scientific personnel and graduate students to attend. During the reports, the participants communicated and inspired each other, and benefited greatly from the active academic atmosphere.