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Professor John from the University of Colorado visited our institute

2019/8/21 14:17:28

At the invitation of Researcher Zhang Huiping, Professor John from the University of Colorado visited our institute from June 4 to 6, 2019, and gave academic talks entitled “Controls on sediment supply and the threshold between single-thread and braided rivers”; “Hydraulic geometry: predicting the form of alluvial channels in response to bed-load sediment transport”; and “River channel slope: development of the longitudinal profile and processes of river incision”.

Professor John focused on the relationship between hydrology (surface water) and geomorphology in high-gradient river systems with a view to better understand the coupling between rivers and their surrounding landscapes. His main research directions include, on spatial scales of more than 100 km, combining data measured in the field with modeling technology to conduct quantitative research on the sediment transport process of river system under natural conditions, and study of the alluvial–hydraulic processes that alter fish and benthic habitats. He has carried out extensive research in Colorado, the northwestern Pacific Ocean, the northern Rockies and the Alps, and is co-director of the graduate program in hydrologic sciences at the University of California, Boulder.

In his talks, Professor John vividly introduced the factors that influence river sediment supply (climate, topography and geology) by combining theoretical knowledge of river system sediments, experimental simulation, and research achievements made in recent years. He also quantitatively described the hydraulic geometry model of river morphology and the influence of relative changes in the sediment supply and the amount of sediment transported on river slope morphology. After the presentation, Professor John discussed fluvial dynamic geomorphology with experts, scholars and students of the institute.