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Professor Jerome from UDS and Dr. Lucilla Benedetti from CNRS visited our institute

2019/8/21 14:13:57

At the invitation of Researcher Liu Jing, Dr. Lucilla Benedetti from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Professor Jerome from the University of Strasbourg (UDS) were invited to visit the Institute of Geology in April 2019. Lucilla Benedetti is now working at CNRS, where she is responsible for the daily management of the 36Cl cosmogenic laboratory, and is engaged in research on geodynamics and geomorphic dynamics.

Dr. Benedetti gave an academic talk entitled “Earthquake clusters in Italy revealed by 36Cl cosmogenic dating of limestone normal fault scarps”. She introduced the tectonic and geological background of the Apenning Peninsula, and described the collecting methods and test results of 36Cl cosmogenic nuclide samples from the surfaces of normal faults in limestone in the study area, and demonstrated the theoretical method for obtaining the normal fault slip rate in this area. More than 30 researchers and postgraduates from our institute, the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, and other institutions attended the presentation.

Subsequently, Researcher Liu Jing, Zhang Jinyu, Assistant Researcher Wang Heng, Dr. Benedetti and Professor Jerome went to the Cangshan piedmont fault, the Liantie basin and the Chenghai–Binchuan fault in Dali to carry out scientific investigations in the field. The fieldwork was both productive and informative. The Chinese and French scientific research personnel actively interacted with each other. The foreign visitors put forward valuable suggestions for research on the tectonic geomorphology and fault slip rate of this region. This fieldwork gives us a new understanding of how to carry out research on the vertical slip rate of normal faults and will be useful for future theoretical research and practical work.

Lucilla Benedetti giving a scientific presentation

Field investigation of the Chenghai–Binchuan fault

Field investigation of the Chenghai–Binchuan fault