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Professor Lijun Liu from the University of Illinois, USA, visited IGCEA for academic exchange

2018/10/22 16:02:36

At the invitation of Researcher Huiping Zhang of the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration, Professor Lijun Liu from the University of Illinois, USA, visited IGCEA on October 17–18, 2018, and gave academic presentations entitled ‘On the density and viscosity structure of continental lithosphere’ and ‘Understanding mantle–surface interaction using data-oriented geodynamic and landscape evolution models’.
Professor Lijun Liu has extensive interest in the temporal evolution of the solid earth, mainly related to the history of subduction and mantle convective evolution and their interactions with surface processes and geomorphological development. His research interests include (long-term, large-scale) driving force of vertical movement in the continents; the relationship between orogenic movement and mantle dynamics; and the influence of plate subduction on large-scale volcanic activity. Moreover, he is interested in using forward and reverse data assimilation methods, combined with observational data from different fields, to construct geodynamic models. He has published more than 30 academic papers in international SCI journals such as Nature, Science, and Nature Geoscience.
In the presentation, Professor Liu introduced the mantle flow history caused by plate subduction and other mantle structural anomalies on a global scale. The forward/inversion method was used to construct a subduction model of North American and South African plots. The results were compared with seismological observations, and then the plate subduction process, mantle flow pattern, and their interaction were studied. After the presentation, Professor Liu conducted a heated discussion with researchers and students of IGCEA on many issues in statistical seismology.