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Researchers from the Volcano Specialized Research Center visited IGCEA for volcanic technology exchange

2018/10/17 16:00:01

At the invitation of Researcher Jiandong Xu of the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration, Professor Sung Hyo Yun from the Volcano Specialized Research Center, Korea Metrological Administration, and five of his colleagues visited IGCEA and carried out technology exchanges of volcano monitoring and disaster warning for Changbai Mountain.
The Volcano Specialized Research Center, Korea Metrological Administration, is a scientific research institution for volcano monitoring and research in Korea. It mainly conducts comprehensive scientific research, technology research and development for zoning, disaster prediction and early warning, disaster response and rescue of volcanic disasters in northeastern Asia (mainly in the Changbai Mountain region). Their aim is to reduce the number of casualties and amount of economic loss caused by volcanic disasters. In addition, they carry out international cooperation, and data and technology sharing between countries. During the visit, the Korean delegation exchanged key technical details of EDM observation and volcanic gas analysis for the Changbai Mountain volcano with the Chinese side. At the same time, the Korean delegation participated in a training course hosted by IGCEA “Volcano Monitoring and Early Warning Technology” and gave four special presentations.
The Korea Metrological Administration has always been very concerned about the Changbai Mountain volcano, about which they have a keen interest and accumulation of research findings. During the visit, the Korean side introduced their latest scientific and technological achievements in the fields of volcano monitoring and eruption prediction, volcanic disaster assessment and volcanic disaster emergency response management. They also expressed their determination to continue the research cooperation on volcanic deformation and volcanic gas chemistry for the Changbai Mountain volcano. Both sides agreed that they should learn from each other, with the aims of achieving a better understanding of the current activities of the Changbai Mountain volcano and providing key technical support for volcano monitoring and early warning.