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Dr. Vladimir Lyakhovsky, Senior Researcher of the Geological Survey of Israel, visited the IGCEA

2018/7/6 17:07:45

At the invitation of associate researcher Wang Lifeng, Dr. Vladimir Lyakhovsky, senior researcher of the Geological Survey of Israel, visited the IGCEA during December 1–10, 2017. Dr. Lyakhovsky is a famous researcher in the field of mechanics, and he has accomplished many pioneering achievements both in damage mechanics theory and in three-dimensional numerical modeling of damage mechanics.

During his visit, Dr. Lyakhovsky delivered a lecture titled “Continuum Damage Mechanics: Basic Concepts and Applications,” and he conducted in-depth exchanges with the researchers of the IGCEA on the theory of damage mechanics and numerical simulation research results. He also visited the Structural Physics Laboratory and discussed with the research personnel the most recent results achieved at the laboratory, as well as the possible directions of future research linked to combining rock mechanics experiments with numerical modeling. Furthermore, Dr. Lyakhovsky and Wang Lifeng discussed technical details related to three-dimensional numerical modeling of faults and rock experiments in nature, and they conducted simulation tests.