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Professor J. Bruce H. Shyu of the National Taiwan University attended the IGCEA for Academic Exchange and Cooperative Research

2018/7/6 17:03:23

At the invitation of researcher Xu Chong of the IGCEA, Dr. J. Bruce H. Shyu, professor at the Department of Geological Sciences, National Taiwan University, visited the IGCEA for academic exchange from October 14–28, 2017.

Professor Shyu received his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology in 2005, and he worked as a postdoc in the United States, Germany, and Singapore before he returned to the National Taiwan University in 2009. His main research interests include seismology and geology, tectonic geomorphology, and earthquake disasters and their related surface effects.In addition to Taiwan, his main research areas include Myanmar, the Philippines, Japan, Ryukyu, and the Andes Mountains in South America and Chile. He has also cooperated with the IGCEA in conducting research on the Longmenshan Orogen. He is currently the Vice President of the Solid Earth Section of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (ASGO) and an associate editor of the international journals “Tectonics” and the “GSA Bulletin.”

Both parties have a very good basis for cooperation. Researcher Xu Chong was invited by Prof. Shyu to attend the National Taiwan University as a visiting researcher during September 2013 and July 2014. They cooperated several times in conducting research on landslides triggered by large earthquakes, such as case of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2013 Lushan earthquake, and 2013 Minxian earthquake. During the visit, Xu Chong and Prof. Shyu conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the relationship between landslides and the seismogenic structure of the Lushan earthquake, and on the Tianquan River terraces in the Lushan earthquake area. They also jointly conducted data analyses and discussed the derived results. On October 20, 2017, the professor delivered an academic presentation titled “18 years after the Chichi earthquake: from the structure of active structures and geomorphology to the earthquake disaster analysis in Taiwan.” On October 27, Prof. Shyu presented another academic lecture titled “Structural characteristics of the western Andes range front, northern Chile, South America.” Prof. Shyu also conducted academic exchanges with the teachers and students of the IGCEA and discussed with them the possible difficulties and future development of activity structure research. Moreover, the professor introduced the customs of the Taiwan region, and he encouraged the teachers and students of the IGCEA to visit Taiwan in the future for further academic exchange. The exchanges with Prof. Shyu further consolidated the cooperation and friendship between the two parties, and promoted research both on the relationship between landslides and the seismogenic faults of the Lushan earthquake and on the Tianquan River terraces, which has laid a solid foundation for the smooth development of follow-up cooperation.

Professor J. Bruce H. Shyu delivering an academic lecture at the IGCEA