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Professor Spiers from the University of Utrecht Lectured at the IGCEA

2018/7/6 16:55:57

At the invitation of the State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics, Dr. Chris Spiers, a famous expert in rock deformation, professor at the University of Utrecht, and visiting professor at the State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics, opened a course titled “Deformation processes in minerals, rocks, and faults” at the IGCEA for postgraduates, which ran during October 9–13, 2017. Postgraduate students and young researchers from the IGCEA, Peking University, and other institutes participated in this course.The content of the course comprised a selection of the topics of the postgraduate course taught by Prof. Spiers at the University of Utrecht. The theme of the course was rock deformation mechanisms, including the basic theories of deformation systems, elastic behaviors of anisotropic crustal material, non-static hydrostatic pressure and non-equilibrium thermodynamics, vacancy diffusion thermodynamics, solid diffusion creep and superplastic flow, deformation of solid/liquid/melt systems, dislocation dynamics and intragranular plastic flow, deformation microstructures and fabrics, and applications in faults and seismic mechanics. Professor Spiers delivered this profoundly difficult course with patience, meticulous explanations, and vivid metaphors, producing an engaging address that was received well by his audience.

Professor Spiers teaching a course for postgraduate students and young researchers at the IGCEA

During the course, Prof. Spiers was invited to deliver a lecture at the IGCEA on writing English scientific papers under the title: “SCIENTIFIC WRITING IN ENGLISH: How to beat the natives at their own game!!” More than 70 postgraduates and researchers from the IGCEA and other institutes attended the lecture. Professor Spiers was born and educated in the United Kingdom, and as a native English-speaking scientist who has long been teaching in a non-native English country, he not only has rich experience in writing scientific papers in English but also considerable familiarity with guiding non-English-speaking students and scientists to write scientific papers in English. He has been invited on a number of occasions to teach techniques for writing scientific papers in English in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and other countries. In his lecture at the IGCEA, Prof. Spiers adopted cultural, philosophical, and scientific backgrounds as his starting points, described the origins of Western scientific thinking and writing methods, analyzed in detail the structure and key points of modern English scientific papers, and shared the skills of writing scientific and technological papers in English. He also discussed related issues with the participants. The lecture was widely praised and it achieved good results.

Dr. Spiers’ lecture on English scientific paper writing