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Presentation of Professor Zhong Lu from American Southern Methodist University in IGL

2016/12/30 9:10:35

At the invitation of Researcher Shan Xinjian and Associate Researcher Gong Wenyu, Zhong Lu from Southern Methodist University, Texas, the USA visited IGL for academic exchange on July 26, 2016.

Professor Lu has long engagement in the research of geodetic surveying technology, particularly InSAR, and the quantitative analysis and research of geophysics and environmental remote sensing, such as: volcano monitoring, inversion and mechanism analysis, and landslide monitoring and wetland research. Professor Lu Zhong now is the leader of Western North America InSAR (WInSAR) Consortium, and the Associate Editor of Remote Sensing Journal and Frontier in Volcanology.

Professor Zhong Lu made a presentation titled “Frontiers of Radar Remote Sensing on Monitoring Hazards”. This talk introduced the latest research progress in InSAR techniques and other radar remote sensing technologies, volcano and earthquake deformation monitoring, internal structure analysis of volcanoes, rebuilding and application of an earth elevation model, oilfield deformation monitoring, landslide analysis, and detection of blind faults.

After the meeting, heated discussion was conducted on the latest technological achievements of InSAR, current research status and development prospect of volcano monitoring in China, and future cooperative research.