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Professor Jeffrey Freymueller from University of Alaska dropped in IGL

2016/12/30 9:04:40

At the invitation of Associate Researcher Gong Wenyu and Researcher Shan Xinjian of IGL, Professor Jeffrey Freymueller from University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA, came to IGL for academic visiting duringJuly 26~27, 2016.

Professor Freymueller has long engagement in geodetic surveying and geoscience research, and ever acted as the president of Gof American Geophysical Union (AGU), the Steering Committee of UNAVCO, and the Associate Editor of journal JGR-SOLIDEARTH. Now Professor Freymueller is the director of EarthquScope National Office and the Associate Editor of Geodetic Surveying magazine, and was elected American Geophysical Union Fellow in 2014.

Professor Freymueller made a speech titled “EarthScope: Unlocking the Secrets of the North American Continent”, and introduced multiple applications of EarthquScope in earthquake research. EarthquScope includes USArray program, Plate Boundary Observation (PBO) and San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD). The data of this research is available from the website and provides important data and basis for a series of important scientific researches and applications relevant with the earth tectonic, earthquake preparation and generation, and rapid response and early warning of seismic events. In the report, Professor Freymueller exhibited the convenient and successful application examples of EarthquScope in seismogenesis, detection of deep blind faults and determination of their activities, deformation and strain rate of plate boundary, detection of vertical deformation caused by geo-water conservancy system, estimation of potential risks in active areas, and early warning and real-time rapid analysis of earthquakes in the United States.

Scientific researchers and postgraduates from IGL and the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research attended this presentation. The talk was followed by the discussion on the research of using GPS data for earthquake early warning, and using GPS data to monitor vertical deformation induced by seasonal ice and snow thawing.