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Li Ni and Zhao Yongwei went to Yokohama, Japan to Attend 2016 Goldschmidt Conference

2016/12/30 9:02:06

Researcher Li Ni and Associate Researcher Zhao Yongwei went to Yokohama, Japan in June 2016 to attend 2016 Goldschmidt Conference. Goldschmidt Conference was first held in 1988. It was initiated by International Association of Geochemistry.

The conference was hosted by European Association of Geochemistry and International Association of Geochemistry in turn. In the recent years, Goldschmidt Conference has been held in North America, Austria, Europe and Japan, becoming one of the largest international conferences in geological circles. This conference has 19 sessions including star and planet research, early earth and deep earth and140 sub-sessions. More than 4000 representatives from all parts of the world attended it.

Researcher Li Ni displayed the geochemical research findings of Da Li Nor Volcano Group in Inner Mongolia, and Associate Researcher Zhao Yongwei displayed the findings of Inner Mongolia Wulanhada tectonic-geochemical relevance research. From this conference, they knew the frontier of current international geochemical research, such as: fine determination of rare earth elements, water content and evolution of lunar rocks, and rise of tectonic geochemistry. It will help them improve research methods and techniques in the future.