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Dutch Utrecht University and IGL Jointly Carried out Cooperative Experiment Research on Fault Nucleation

2016/12/30 8:54:54

At the invitation of Researcher Ma Shengli, Ms Louise from Dutch Utrecht University came to IGL for cooperative scientific research in May 2016.

Ms Louise mainly engages in fault nucleation experimentand corresponding numerical simulation research. Duringthis visit, her main mission is cooperative test. Considering the research directions of the tectonic deformation laboratory, Dr. Guo Yanshuangand Dr. Ji Yuntao of IGL also attended the scientific discussion and implementation of the testing program.

In this scientific research, the two groupsof cooperatorsjointly carried out fault friction experiments under the condition of different fault gouges, including: gypsum, kaolin and quartz, and observed fault nucleation instability process in details by using high-speed camera, high resolution camera, continuous acousticemission recorder, medium-frequency strain recorder and photoelastic method. During this cooperation, eight groups of PMMA sampleswere loadedand enormous (about 10T) experimental data wereobtained, which provides a data foundation for further joint analysis between cooperators.