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Shan Xinjian et al Attended “ISPRS 2016” International Academic Conference

2016/12/29 15:35:06

“2016 ISPRS Congress” was held in Prague, Czech July 11~19, 2016. Researcher Shan Xinjian, Researcher Qu Chunyan and Associate Researcher Song Xiaogang attended this conference.

The conference was hosted by International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS). It is held once every four years. It is a top-level academic conference in the field of spatial information technology. The content of the conference mainly includes the latest development of spatial information technology, photogrammetry and remote sensing and related disciplines, as well as the application of these disciplines in such fields as cartography, geodetic surveying, mapping, nature, earth and engineering science, environmental monitoring and protection, industrial design and manufacturing industry, preservation of buildings and cultural relics, and medical treatment.

Researcher Shan Xinjian, Researcher Qu Chunyan and Associate Researcher Song Xiaogang made reports respectively at the conference, comprehensively introduced the latest achievement of coseismic and interseismic deformation research done by InSAR research group by applying InSAR technology, carried out academic exchange with international peers, knew the latest international research results in the fields of InSAR technology and application, and mainly discussed mutual hotspot issues.

By attending “2016 ISPRS Congress”, we not only demonstrated the work progress and latest achievements in the field of InSAR but also laid a good foundation for future international cooperation.