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Associate Research Professor Chen Guihua Visited USA for Cooperative Research

2016/12/29 15:29:57

Associate Researcher Chen Guihua of IGL visitedtheresearch center of FM Global in Norwood for cooperative research from May 20, 2015 to July 27, 2016. He worked with members from the group ofstructureand natural disasters.establishinga seismic hazard model of China.

Asactive faultmapping and structure exploration were deployed in the last several years,manyobservation data were collected for historicalearthquakesandcrustal deformation measurement. It is time toapply thesedata in regional seismotectonic analysis and seismic hazard assessment of China. This cooperating project, between theResearch Group ofStructural Mechanics and Seismogenic tectonics fromInstitute of Geology and the Group ofEarthquake Disaster Assessment led by Dr. Yufang Rong fromFM Global,was aimed toassess the seismic hazards of Chinausing the latest data and modeling technique.

During his stayin the United States, Guihua completed  two aspectsof work: firstly, a national seismic site conditionmap was producedbased ongeological (especially from Quaternary geology and geomorphology).Characteristicswas discussedand reliability was vailified in detailsfor this site condition map. It is of thefirst  nationwide seismic site condition mapand is essential to  accurate seismic ground motion prediction and seismic hazard assessment. This researchwas orally reported at the 2015 Fall meetingof the American Geophysical Unionas aninviting talk. Secondly, establish China’s regional seismotectonic model by using the latest active tectonic data. Compared with current products of seismic ground motion zonation, active tectonics and its parameters are more frequently used in assessment of maximum magnitudeof strongearthquakes, simulation of release of tectonic strain, prediction of strongmotionsand the  seismic hazard models.