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Chen Jie and others Went to Austria to Attend the 2015 Annual Conference of EGU

2015/12/29 10:32:56

Researcher Chen Jie, Researcher Li Chuanyou, Assistant Researcher Ji Yuntao and Assistant Researcher Yao Lu went to Austria to attend the 2015 Annual Conference of EGU (European Geosciences Union) from April 12 to 18, 2015. During the meeting, Chen Jie made a speech titled “Late Quaternary Arc-parallel Extension of the Kongur Extensional System, Chinese Pamir” (EGU2015-8222); Li Chuanyou gave a poster report titled “Active Tectonics and Seismic Cycle” in the section “Structure and geological structure”; Ji Yuntao made a poster report titled “Three-dimensional pore space and strain localized distribution in Majella limestone”; Yao Lu made an oral report titled “Dynamic weakening of fault gouge affected by thermal conductivity of host specimen: implications for the high-velocity weakening mechanisms”. 

This year, the annual conference of EGU had 577 scientific topics, 4,870 oral reports, 8,489 poster reports and 705 PICO. In total, 11,837 scientists from 108 countries attended this meeting, including 469 scientists from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. During the meeting, EGU issued medals to global excellent geoscientists, including more than 30 prizes in various disciplines and fields. The 2015 Louis Néel medal in the field of geomagnetism and petrophysics came to  Distinguished Professor Toshihiko Shimamoto, a visiting scientist at our institute, to cite his great contribution to fault and earthquake mechanism, particularly in the aspect of experimental research on high-speed weakening mechanism of faults.

During the meeting, researchers from our institute also exchanged ideas with international peers in the currently focused issues, and progress and plans of cooperative research. Researcher Chen Jie discussed the preliminary results of Pamir luminescent low-temperature thermochronology with Associate Professor Herman and Doctor Valla of Swiss University of Lausanne. The two sides determined the subsequent research plan. Researcher Li Chuanyou extensively exchanged opinions with many international peers on the topics of tectonics and geological structure, and geomorphology and seismology. Assistant Researcher Ji Yuntao discussed the three-dimensional micro-pore structure and crack structure of limestone in depth with Dr. Miller Zambrano from Italian University of Camerino, laying a foundation for future further cooperation. Assistant Researcher Yao Lu discussed with Dr. Andre Niemeijer of Dutch Utrecht University. The two sides decided to summarize past cooperative results and write articles as soon as possible, and discussed with Dr. John Platt of American Washington Carnegie Institute for Science about fault high-speed friction and weakening mechanism, laying a foundation for future cooperative research in the aspects of experiments and numerical simulation.

Researcher Chen Jie was explaining research findings

Researcher Li Chuanyou was presenting research results

Assistant Researcher Yao Lu was making an oral report