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State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics Invited Associate Professor Duan Benchun of Texas A&M University to Give Lectures in Our Institute

2015/12/29 10:32:04

At the invitation of State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics, Associate Professor Duan Benchun of Texas A&M University came to our institute for two months’ academic visit and research in March 2015. Associate Professor Duan Benchun is an expert in earthquake dynamics simulation and published dozens of papers in international famous SCI journals, such as JGR and GRL.

During the visit, Associate Professor Duan Benchun carried out extensive and in-depth exchange with the research personnel of groups in the Laboratory,  including discussion with Researcher Liu Jing of Division for Neotectonics and Landform and her research group, involving dynamic simulation of the Wenchuan earthquake and correlation analysis of tectonic evolution, and preliminary study on the combination between paleo-earthquake research and numerical simulation of the Altun fault zone; discussion with Prof. Toshi Shimamoto and Dr. Yao Lu of Tectonophysics Laboratory, involving application of earthquake dynamics simulation, latest petrophysical experiments and friction constitutive laws in dynamic simulation; discussion with Associate Researcher Zhang Guohong of Division of Earth Observation from Space and Crustal Deformation, concerning with correlation analysis of simulated deformation observation data, waveform data of strong ground motion, spread of strong ground motion and distribution of seismic hazards in the process of dynamic rupture.

At the same time, in order to raise the competence of doctoral candidates and young scientific and technological personnel of our institute in scientific research and raise the level of earthquake dynamics simulation in theory and application, “Earthquake Mechanics & Dynamic Sources” graduate program was opened. From the lectures of Professor Duan, the postgraduates and young scholars have learned how to master basic theoretic knowledge of dynamic simulation, specifically were guided in the aspect of software use and application in real earthquake cases and opened their research horizon. Besides, during the visit, Professor Duan also made academic reports at China Earthquake Networks Center and Institute of Crustal Dynamics, CEA, and Key Laboratory of Computational Geodynamics, CAS, and discussed issues concerning earthquake mechanics with the teachers of Peking University, which would effectively promote the in-depth research of dynamic simulations in related domestic research institutes.

Through this visit, Professor Duan brought research experience and program codes of earthquake dynamics simulation to us and added colors to the overall academic atmosphere of the research institute, and laid a solid foundation for further collaborative research in the future.