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Zhao Guoze and others attended the 12th MOST-ESA “Dragon-3” Symposium in Switzerland

2015/12/28 15:54:54

The 12th seminar on the Dragon Programme co-initiated by China and Europe was held in Interlachen, Switzerland from June 22 to 27, 2015. Researchers Zhao Guoze, Sun Jianbao and Han Bing of the Institute of Geology attended this meeting. This meeting was organized by European Space Agency, Swiss Space Office andInterlachen City Hall.

This symposium of the Dragon Programme included three parts: (1) A plenary session. Chinese and European leaders and experts of the Dragon Programme introduced the new research progress of the Dragon Programme and reported some outstanding research results and the plan for the next step. (2) Oral report and poster display of every special topic. After all special-topic sessions, the special-topic leaders  presented the report and new achievements of each topic at the plenary session. (3) An exchange session of every topic. It was mainly the lecture and discussion of the chief scientist of each task under the topic, summarizing the research work in the previous stage and discussing the tentative ideas for next step.

The plenary session had six topics (atmosphere and climate, ocean and coastal zone, tundra and hydrosphere, landform and geodetic surveying, forest monitoring, and continental environment), which were presented in forms of report and poster display. Zhao et al. took part in topic 4 (landform and geodetic surveying). In this topic, as Chinese chief of Sino-British (University of Ulster) cooperation task “Detect space and ground seismic anomalies by new electromagnetic technology” (ID 10671), Zhao made a report titled “Analysis on electromagnetic observation data before and after the Jinggu, Yunnan Mw5.9 earthquake”. Sun Jianbao, as Chinese chief of Sino-French (University of Joseph Fourier) seismological science task (ID 10686) gave a report titled “InSAR deformation observation and modeling of the Nepal Mw7.9 earthquake on April 25, 2015”.

This meeting strengthened the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and European scientists, formed a new model of Sino-European S&T cooperation in some frontier fields. It provided a platform for developing new technologies of satellite observation and data processing and analysis and making full use of satellite observation resources, carrying out comprehensive research combining satellite observation and ground observation on some major scientific issues concerning people’s livelihood, and exchanging some excellent research results. The meeting achieved desirable cooperation and exchange effects, promoted the cooperation of Chinese and European scientists in scientific research and laid a foundation for further cooperation in data processing, analysis and application of new-type satellite sensors in the future.

Zhao Guoze was making a report at a seminar of the Dragon Programme


Sun Jianbao was making a report at a seminar of the Dragon Programme