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Li Ni and Zhao Yongwei went to Czech to Attend the 25th Goldschmidt Conference

2015/12/28 15:46:19

From August 17 to 22, 2015, Li Ni and Associate Zhao Yongwei of our institute attended the 25thGoldschmidt Conference in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

The purpose of the Goldschmidt Conference is to promote exchange and development of geochemical research. It covers all branches of geochemistry and publicizes the latest progress of geochemical field. It is one of the largest international meetings in geological circles. In addition to general topics, this Goldschmidt Conference also set up 25 special topics, including planet research, biogeochemistry, evolution of global environment, mineralogy and mineral physics, high-resolution geochemistry in major environmental processes, petrology and process: micro to macro, melts, glasses and magmas, formation, evolution and extinction of continental crust, and geochemistry in the environment of margin of convergent plate. The above special topics also have more than 100 sub-topics. Nearly 3,000 representatives from all over the world attended the conference.

Prague Convention Center

At this conference, Li and Zhao mainly attended special section: “Melts, glasses and magmas” – subsections: progress of research on distribution of trace elements, and special section: “Petrology and process: Micro to Macro” – subsection: crystallization process in magma system; special section: Mantle to crust – subsection: magmatism inside mantle-derived plate, xenoliths and diamond inclusion: process, time limit and geodynamic significance.

At the meeting, Li Ni showed the research results of the Daliuchong Volcano in Tengchong, Yunnan (Figure 2) and exchanged ideas with Melina Manzini from University of Lausanne in the aspect of secondary ion probe test and research of melt inclusions in olivine.

The deepest impression on this conference is that international research relevant with geochemistry is almost all inclusive. Geochemistry has become a mature tool. It may research the genesis of cosmos and earth and may also provide data support to various aspects, including evolution of atmosphere, and influence on creature. The testing means also progresses with each passing day. The newly developed technologies certainly will break through the bottlenecks of academic research one after another and greatly boost our cognition to things. On the other hand, foreign research understands chemical behaviors on a more microscopic molecular structure scale, comprehensively utilizes high-temperature high-pressure mineralogical experiment, high-accuracy in situ analysis and other analytical and experimental means, and looks for the influence of substance structure, volatile matters and redox state on rock formation from outside of common chemical data.