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Institute of Geology Organized and Hosted the 2015 International Symposium of Changbaishan Volcano

2015/12/28 15:27:54

At the invitation of Xu Jiandong, the Director of the Division of Active Volcanoes, more than 20 volcanologists from South Korea, Great Britain, the United States, Germany and North Korea and more than 10 volcano researchers from China attended the International Symposium of Changbaishan Volcano sponsored by the Department of International Cooperation and the Monitoring and Forecasting Department, China Earthquake Administration and hosted by the Institute of Geology and carried out a field travel after the meeting from August 30, 2015 to September 2, 2015.

This seminar received generous support from the Earthquake Administration of Jilin Province and Changbaishan Volcano Station. On the day of the seminar, Sun Yaqiang, the Director-General of the Earthquake Administration of Jilin Province, Zhu Fangfang, the Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation, CEA, and Liang Yiqiang, the Director of Monitoring and Forecasting Department were present at the meeting and made a welcoming speech. Foreign experts attending the seminar include Prof. Lee Sungsu, the Director of South Korea Research Center for Response to Volcanic Disasters, Prof. Yun Sunghyo of South Korean Pusan National University, Prof. Clive Oppenheimer of British University of Cambridge, Researcher James Hammond of Imperial College London, Researcher Kayla Iacovino of United States Geological Survey, Pak Kiljong, the Director-General of North Korea Earthquake Administration and other international famous volcano experts. Their research issues cover the magmatic mechanism of volcano, eruption dynamics, petrology, geochemistry and disaster early-warning. They have made in-depth research and created significant achievements on scientific issues concerning the Changbaishan volcano.

At this seminar, the experts introduced in details their latest research findings on the Changbaishan volcano. The report content includes determination of absolute calendar age of the “millennium eruption” event and new discoveries of geochemistry, distribution of molten substances under Changbaishan, risk analysis of volcanic debris flow, vulnerability analysis of power and communication networks to volcanic ash. The technical personnel from South Korea and Chinese personnel from the Earthquake Administration of Jilin Province, Northeast Normal University, Changbaishan Academy of Sciences and the Division of Active Volcanoes of our institute also demonstrated the functions of recently developed key technical software for alert of Changbaishan Volcano. During the meeting, people of the Institute of Geology attending the meeting actively exchanged ideas with international peers on internationally focused issues, and progress and plan of cooperative research in relation to Changbaishan Volcano, introduced the current research and monitoring status of Chinese active volcanoes to international peers, boosted the influence of China in the research field of active volcanoes. Meanwhile they also learnt new technologies and thoughts from foreign experts, and broadened the scientific means and strategic views on the research of active volcanoes.

After the meeting, Xu Jiandong and Wei Haiquan of our institute led the experts to carry out a two-day field investigation. The content of the investigation includes Hongsongwang olivine basalt, debris flow of Changbaishan Millenium eruption, Erdaobaihe mud-rock flow and Toudaobaihe basalt, internal structure of Tianchi volcano cone, and carbonized wood accumulated in volcanic debris flow canyon and Millenium eruption. During the field geological study, the scholars from various countries discussed a series issues such as eruption periods of Changbaishan Volcano, differentiation between debris flow and mud-rock flow and range of hazards, deepened the understanding on the eruption history and current activity state of Changbaishan Volcano, and had further cognition and understanding on the directions and objectives of future research.

Director-General Sun Yaqiang (L3), Deputy Director Zhu Fangfang (L4), Supervisor Liang Yiqiang (L2) and Researcher Xu Jiandong (R3) and other experts and leaders were making welcoming address

Prof. Clive Oppenheimer of British University of Cambridge was making an academic report

Visiting the top of the western slope of Changbaishan