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Professor Chris Spiers from Netherlands Offered Short-Term Course for Graduate Students in IGL

2015/12/28 14:41:19

From October 9 to 16, 2015, Professor Chris Spiers from the University of Utrecht of the Netherlands, a distinguished visiting research fellow in the National Key Lab for Earthquake Dynamics of theInstitute of Geology (IGL), offered a short-term course for graduate students, at the invitation of our institute. Focusing on the theme of “Deformation Mechanisms and Rock Rheology”, the course attracted over 40 participants from the lab and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Before giving lessons, Professor Spiers briefed the current situation of the University of Utrecht, its teaching characteristics, high-temperature and high-pressure lab and staff composition. During the lectures, Professor Spiers gave lessons in a novel approach, with a fine sense of humor, to vividly explain the deformation process of rocks. The audiences learned and understood the complex deformation process in a relaxed, joyful atmosphere. In the four-day course, the students were acquainted with the thermodynamic process of crystal diffusion, the plastic deformation process of minerals, and the process of lattice dislocation sliding and diffusion creep of crystals.

Professor Spiers said that he was glad to open the course for the audiences. He was also very happy to keep academic exchanges with Chinese students. The students cherished the opportunity for exchanges. They sought advice from Professor Spiers concerning their confusions and problems in the course of scientific research in spare time. They said that they benefited a lot in the brand-new experience and impact in the face-to-face academic exchanges. This would lay a solid foundation for their accumulation of professional expertise and scientific research in the future.