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Chinese and Japanese scholars conducted remote sensing interpretation of the Qingchuan fault

2014/5/22 18:51:16

According to the implementation plan of Sino-Japanese cooperation project “Research on paleoearthquakes and seismic risk of the northern Longmenshan and peripheral faults”, Associate Professor YasutakyrIkeda from University of Tokyo and Dr. Shinsuke Okadafrom Tohoku University visited the institute from July 28 to July 1. The primary purpose of their visit was to exchange the results of remote sensing interpretation of the northern section of Longmenshan fault zone - Qingchuan fault with the scientists of our institute. In this period, they also discussed with Senior Research Fellow Ma Shengli, the Chinese leader of the cooperation project, on the execution status and existing problems of the project. Based on the interpretation results, the Japanese and Chinese members of the project, including Senior Research Fellow He Honglin and graduates Sun Haoyue and Gao Wei, preliminarily completed mapping of distribution of the Qingchuan fault. Moreover, in view of the geomorphologic features of the interpreted dislocations, several locations for paleoearthquake trenching were selected and a plan for joint field survey was made.