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Our institute will carry out cooperation and exchange with British scientists on seismological observation of the Changbaishan Volcano

2014/5/22 18:50:12

The Tianchi Volcano of the Changbaishan Mountains is the largest active volcano on the continent of Asia. The “Great Millennium Eruption” in 946 is one of the world’s largest eruptions in the recent two thousand years. When it occurred, its pyroclastic flow was tens of kilometers long, volcanic ash flew across the sea to Japanese Hokkaido and Kuril Islands, and the eruption column reached stratosphere, causing a major disaster. As an international volcano cross the border between China and Korea, the Tianchi Volcano receives increasing attention around the world.

It was reported by SCIENCE on September 6, 2013 that a research team led by Dr. James Hammond, a seismologist from Imperial College London, and Professor Clive Oppenhimer, a volcanic scholar from University of Cambridge, installed six broadband digital seismographs on the Korean side of the Changbaishan Volcano in the first time this August under the sponsorship of Richard Lounsbery Foundation. The team plans to carry out 3-years comprehensive research on volcanology and geophysics of the Changbaishan Volcano. Professors Clive Oppenhimer and James Hammond have long-term and broad cooperation and exchange with the research group, led by Researcher Xu Jiandong, of the Research Division of Active Volcanology of the institute. The seismic monitoring on the side of North Korea is an “ice breaking” move in Changhaishan Volcano monitoring history. Chinese and British sides both look forward to further exchange and cooperation. The mutual exchange and supplementation of information can facilitate more complete and comprehensive understanding on the deep structure and volcanic process of the Changbaishan Volcano.

Besides, this report of Science also presents the research findings on the chronology and environmental effect of the Great Millennium Eruption of the Changhaishan Volcano published by Xu Jiandong’s research group in Geophysical Research letters.

Annex 1: Climatic impact of the Millennium eruption of Changbaishan volcano in China: New insights from high-precision radiocarbon wiggle-match dating

Annex 2: Sizing Up a Slumbering Giant