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Joint field investigation in Xinjiang by Douglas Burbank et al. from University of California and researchers of our institute

2014/5/22 18:30:19

At the invitation of Researcher Chen Jie at the Institute of Geology, CEA, Prof. Douglas Burbank, the Director of the Earth Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara and his doctoral students Aaron Bufe and Jessica Thompson carried out a joint field geological study in Kasha and Kezhou of Xinjiang with Researcher Chen Jie, Research Assistant Li Tao, Postdoctor Tan Jintang, doctoral student Liu Langtao and postgraduate Luo Ming from June 4, 2013 to July 31.

Main contents of this field studyinclude survey of fluvial terraces of the Atushi anticline and study of their response to tectonic uplift; excavating deep sections in the Atushi anticline and collecting nuclide samples of cosmogenesis to determine the erosion rate of this area; survey of the Oytag section and Bieertoukuoyi section and collecting low-temperature thermochronological samples in order to obtain response of the uplift of Pamirs Plateau to its foreland basin; mapping the Kazkeaerte fault – anticline zone and assessing seismic risk of this area; collecting  thermochronological samples from the Bulunkou tunnel to reveal uplift and erosion rates of this area.

This field study lasted nearly two months. It is the hottest season in Xinjiang. Moreover, the Bachu terrorist attack made the security situation of Xinjiang tenser. The members of the study team not only worked in the sweltering summer heat but also watched out the attack of terrorists. Under this unfavorable condition, the team members feared no hardship, smoothly completed field work and generated fruitful results.

Douglas, Aaronand Liu Langtao are excavating a deep section in Atushi Anticline

Researchers Chen Jie and Li Tao are observing Pamirs Plateau (MPT)

Aaronand Liu Langtao are observing glacial landform