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Prof. Wang Rongjiang from German GFZ visited State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics

2014/5/22 17:45:58

At the invitation of ResearcherShan Xinjian of the Institute of Geology, CEA, Prof. Wang Rongjiang from German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) paid an exchange visit to the Institute of Geology on October 31, 2013. In the morning, Prof. Wang Rongjiang made in-depth discussion with Researcher Qu Chunyan, Associate Researcher Song Xiaogang, Associate Researcher Zhang Guohong, Dr. Liu Yunhua and Dr. Xu Xiaobo from the Research Room of Earth Observation from Space and Crustal Deformation, gave helpful guidance on some key problems encountered by young scholars during work and provided detailed suggestions on the modeling of the 2013 Lushan earthquake, inversion of the coseismic deformation field and the inter-seismic deformation field. During communication with young scholars and students, he presented some scientific viewpoints valued by him to them.  

In the afternoon, Prof. Wang made a report titled “Cost-effective monitoring of ground motion by joint use of a single-frequency GPS and a MEMS accelerometer”. The report analyzed the features of single-frequency GPS and makeshift accelerometer, presented experimental research on key technology for mutual complement of advantages of the two instruments and put forth a cost-effective and highly applicable design approach of broadband displacement and speed observation instruments. This design approach provides a technical reference for the R&D of observation instruments of earthquake emergency response and the warning system. People attending the meeting discussed the key issues and interest points of the report. Deputy Director Ma Shengli attended this meeting, discussed matters concerning teaching and visit with Prof. Wang Rongjiang and further strengthening the exchange and cooperation between the state key laboratory and GFZ.