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Prof. Haye from GFZ visited State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics

2014/5/22 17:42:12

At the invitation of ResearcherShan Xinjian of the Institute of Geology, Prof. Haye from German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) visited the Institute of Geology onNovember 11, 2013. Prof. Haye made exchange and discussion with the scientific and technical personnel and postgraduates of the state key laboratory on the application of InSAR technology to landslides and earthquakes. Prof. Haye gave a lecture titled “Study on several key techniques for Interferometry SAR”. The report introduced in detail the limitations and solutions of conventional InSAR techniques in the application of deformation monitoring, and explained self-adaptive precise registration technique, homogeneous filter technique, macro-deformation scale wavelet interference technique and some other new techniques developed in the recent years in combination with the algorithms developed by him in the past years. In the lecture, he explained in simple language the physical meanings of relevant parameters in InSAR in combination with digital signal processing knowledge. From the explanation, the young scientific and technical personnel opened their horizon and benefited a lot. After the report, he gave detailed guidance on some key technical problems encountered by young scholars and postgraduates during work and paper writing, and carried out informal discussion and exchange on his learning experience and question solving methods with young scholars.