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Chinese and Japanese scholars carried out exploratory trench research on the Qingchuan fault

2014/5/22 17:19:54

From October 23 to 31, 2013, a joint research group consisting of Associate Professor YasutakyrIkeda from University of Tokyo, Professor Karino Kenichi from Shizuoka University, Researcher Tomoo Echigo from Geo-Research Instituteand Teaching Assistant Shinsuke Okadafrom Tohoku University, and Researcher He Honglin and doctoral students Sun Haoyue and Gao Wei of our institute carried out field study of the Qingchuan fault in the north section of the Longmenshan Mountains.

On the basis of meticulous image data interpretation in the early stage and field survey early this year, the research group conducted detailed tectonic landform analysis at a few geological and geomorphologic sites of the Qingchuan fault and carried out excavation and research of an exploratory trench at one site. The exploratory trench is 25m long, 6m wide and maximally 8m deep. After excavation of the exploratory trench, it was overcast and rainy all the time and the exploratory trench collapsed several times. Against the cold and danger, the research group cleaned and analyzed the exploratory trench repeatedly, obtained valuable information and made a solid step forward to the research of seismic risk in this area.

The research group is studying the tectonic landform

The research group is studying the fault zone

After excavation of the exploratory trench, the research group is doing cleaning and analysis work