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Division of Active Tectonics

2014/5/18 21:15:52

Divisionof Active Tectonics (National Research Center of Active Faults) is the only institution that specializes in the study of active tectonics as well as the pioneer in this field in China. The Division employs traditional geologic and geomorphic technology as well as such modern technologies as geophysical prospecting, high precision laser survey and space-to-surface observation, etc, and focuses on the characteristics, mechanism and motion parameters of active structure for the relationship of latest tectonic deformation and major earthquake preparation, recurrence rules of large earthquakes, disaster generation mechanism of recent tectonic deformation and the study of reservoir-induced earthquake observation and causative mechanism, etc, which contributes to the fundamental data for geodynamics, earth movement, environmental geology and shockproof & disaster reduction, etc as well as technical support for safety evaluation of urban and key project sites. At present, the Division is divided into five research teams, namely paleoearthquake, tectonic landform, tectonic deformation, structural mechanics and active structure probing for 7 research interests. Also, the Division possesses a scientific talent team covering senior, middle-aged and young generations, for example, Deng Qidong (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Xu Xiwei and Ran Yongkang., He Honglin, Yang Xiaoping and Yu Guihua (Senior Research Fellows), and Ma Wentao, Chen Lichun, Li Chuanyou and Chen Guihua (Associate Research Fellows).

As early as the 1980s and 1990s, the Division initiated the fine quantitative research on active tectonics in China, for example, 1:50000 mapping of the Haiyuan active fault zone and synthetic study and fine quantitative research on the active faults along the rim of Erdos. The relevant research results aroused great interest among geoscientists at home and abroad and were awarded with the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress. Moreover, the large-scale active fault mapping project during the "8th Five-Year Plan" and the quantitative research on active tectonics at the key monitoring and protective areas and earthquake prediction project during the "9th Five-Year Plan" were in the lead edge at that time. During the "10th Five-Year Plan", the Division led and completed the key national scientific project - active fault probing and seismic risk evaluation at 20 big cities nationwide, and compiled the Technical Specifications on China Active Seismic Fault Probing Technique. In addition, during the "11th Five-Year Plan", the Division led to organize the special project on active faults and seismic risk evaluation at the key monitoring and protective areas nationwide as well as Himalaya Plan - North China active fault probing project. Besides these country-level scientific research projects and guidance for active tectonic research nationwide, the Division is undertaking several research tasks assigned by National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China (MOHRSS), etc.

Besides the above-mentioned basic research, tasks and theoretical achievements on active tectonics, the Division is in charge of seismic safety evaluation of the key national construction projects, for example, Shaanxi-Beijing Gas Transportation Pipeline Engineering, West-East Gas Pipeline Project, Zhongxian-Wuhan Gas Pipeline, Sino-Kazakhstan Oil Pipeline, western petroleum pipeline, Lanzhou-Chengdu oil pipeline, Sino-Russian Oil Pipeline, Qingzang Railway, West Route of South-North Water Transfer Project and large hydropower stations and nuclear power plants that are under way and the plans nationwide, etc, which makes huge contributions to national economy and shockproof & disaster reduction cause.

According to incomplete statistics, there are over 10 specialized publications with the first author of the Division from 1987, for example, Haiyuan Active Fault Belt, Active Fault System at the Rim of Erdos, Yanlu Fault Belt, Honghe Active Fault Belt, Xiaojiang Active Fault Belt, Tianshan Active Structure, and the Latest Tectonic Movement at Enclosed Area of the Capital and Earthquake. The Division was honored with the second prize of National Science & Technology Progress Award for three times, the Science & Technology Progress Award of China Seismological Bureau, the first prize for 4 times, the second prize for 6 times and the third prize for over 10 times in terms of shockproof & disaster reduction achievements. In the past five years, 168 papers have been published with the first author of the Division, among which 48 papers are selected by SCI. In addition, the Division of Active Tectonics was awarded with the fieldwork model group by the Ministry of Science as well as the model group by the seismological bureau system and the central state organs.

Chief Director: Ran Yongkang              Tel: 62009213

Deputy Director: He Honglin         Tel:62009215

Subject groups

Paleoearthquake team

Members: Ran Yongkang (team leader), Chen Lichun and Dong Shaopeng

Tectonic landform team

Members: He Honglin (team leader), Wei Zhanyu and Zhang Lanfeng

Tectonic deformation team

Members: Yang Xiaoping (team leader), Li Chuanyou and Huang Xiongnan

Active structure probing team

Members: He Honglin (acting team leader), Li Hai’ou and Cai Minggang

Structural mechanics team

Members: Yu Guihua (team leader), Wu Xiwei, Ma Wentao, Chen Guihua and Wu Xiyan