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Division of Active Volcanoes

2014/5/18 21:15:43

Division of Active Volcanoes is an academic institution for studies on active volcanoes. Based on Research Center of Active Volcanoes of China Earthquake Administration and the National Field Scientific Observation and Research Station on the volcano at the Changbaishan Mountains in Jilin Province, this division conducts studies on the distribution, scale, eruption history, contributing factors, volcanic resources and calamity, etc of active volcanoes in the Chinese mainland upon the modern volcanology and multidisciplinary integration, including tectonics, chronology, geochemistry and geophysics. The purpose is to explore tectonic structure and dynamics of volcanic activity, so as to provide technical support for the monitoring and study of active volcanoes in the Chinese mainland, the prediction of volcanic eruption and reduction of volcanic disasters.

Chief Director: Xu Jiandong

Laboratories: Physical laboratory of volcanoes; petrology laboratory; microstructure laboratory; volcanic dynamics laboratory; volcanic gases & geochemistry laboratory; volcanic monitoring data analysis center;

Subject groups:

Volcanic geology

Members: Xu Jiandong (team leader), Pan Bo, Zhao Bo and Wei Haiquan


Members: Li Ni (team leader), Zhao Yongwei, Sui Jianli and Sun Qain