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Division of medium to Long Term Earthquake Prediction

2014/5/18 21:15:23

Based on new technologies and new methods, the Division attempts to explore nintermediate- and long-term physical prediction of earthquakes. By integrating various data of geological surveys, deep exploration and measurements of crustal motion, the Division carries out studies on numerical simulation techniques and their applications, and develop earthquake prediction methods with physical significance.

Using satellite remote sensing data and ground-based thermal observations, the Division makes research on variation of subsurface thermal state and its expressions on the surface associated with earthquakes as well as its mechanism. The Division also employs the observations of underground fluids to simulate fluid-solid-heat coupling during earthquake generation.

Major research fields:

(1)          Seismotectonics, numerical simulation, and intermediate- and long-term earthquake prediction;

(2)          Satellite remote sensing, geothermal observation, simulation of thermodynamics and application to earthquake prediction;

(3)          Dynamic monitoring of subsurface fluids, simulation of fluid-solid coupling and application to earthquake prediction.

Technical support systems:

(1)          6 seismological stations for subsurface fluids (Tayuan, Zuojiazhuang, Baifu, Xiadian, Huailai and Songshan);

(2)          A set of satellite remote sensing system (receiving and handling the images from MODIS, NOAA and FY satellite, etc)

(3)          The detection system for global thermal fields (geotherm, latent heat, sensible heat, observation and inversion of radiation reference);

(4)          Geochemical detection system on earthquake faults (Rn, Hg, He and CO2, etc);

(5)          Subsurface fluid laboratory;

(6)          Seismic precursor networks center;

(7)          Earthquake mechanism and physical prediction and simulation system;

Subject group

Intermediate- and long-term earthquake prediction

Members: Deng Zhihui (team leader), Chen Meihua and Chu Quanzhi