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Division of Seismic Zonation and Engineering Seismology

2014/5/18 21:15:14

Division of Seismic Zonation and Engineering Seismology is one of the institutions that conducted the earliest work on theoretical and practical engineering seismology in China. It focuses on the evaluation of genetic structures of major quakes, assessment of seismic activity and risks, estimation of seismo-geological hazards, seismic zoning, seismic micro-zoning and assessment of seismic safety for major projects.

The major research missions in recent years include: (1) research of seismogenic structures aimed at evaluation of occurrence places, largest potential earthquakes and risks; (2) seismic zoning research to improve the key technology, advance relevant research in new fields and develop new methods for risk zoning; (3) research on seismic activity and risks to develop new methods and technique for evaluation as well as technical application; (4) research on seismogeological hazards to improve the assessment technology on epidermal deformation after strong shocks and develop relevant zoning methods; (5) seismic safety evaluation for major national construction projects and experiments on engineering seismology.

There are 15 members in the Division, including 4 Senior Research Fellows and 7 Associate Research Fellows. The Division has accomplished several projects from National Natural Science Foundation and National Science and Technology Support Program, the special projects assigned by the Ministry of Science and technology, the key projects of ministries and commissions and the key research projects of the China Earthquake Administration. Besides, the Division has made important contributions to the compilation of Seismic Intensity Zoning Map of China (1990), Seismic Ground Motion Parameter Zonation Map of China (2001) and the new edition that is under way.. The Division has received the second-class prize of 2003’ National Science and Technology Progress Award. Since 2000, the Divison has completed projects on seismic safety evaluation for over 100 major national construction projects, probing urban active faults, seismic risk evaluation and seismic micro-zoning, etc, which made contributions to the national economic construction.

Director: Zhou Bengang

Deputy Director: Zhou Qing

Subject Groups:

Seismic zoning research

Members: Zhou Bengang (team leader), Zhang Dongli, An Yanfen and Liang Xiaohua

Evaluation of strong-earthquake genetic structure

Members: Min Wei (team leader), Chen Guoguang, Bai Yuzhu and Liu Yugang

Seismic activity and risk analysis:

Members: Zhou Qing (team leader), Ran Hongliu, Chen Xiaoli and Yuan Jingli

Evaluation of seismo-geological hazards:

Members: Han Zhujun (team leader) and Yuan Renmao