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Division of Earthquake Emergency and Disaster Reduction

2014/5/18 21:15:04

Division ofDivision of Earthquake Emergency and Disaster Reduction is an academic institution that specializes in the study on theory and technology of seismic emergency and earthquake disasters. On the basis of seismic hazard research for many years, the Division has profoundly studied the theory and technology on seismic emergency and disaster reduction from multiple aspects, such as the basic theory on seismic emergency, emergency decision-making techniques, field practice and society responses. The major research subjects include: global continental geodynamics and rules of earthquakes, seismic emergency theory and zoning, disaster reduction ability and seismic emergency models, vulnerability of earthquake disasters and seismic hazards, recognition/perception and response/adaptation to earthquake disasters, comprehensive mechanism and alleviation of natural disasters, co-evaluation on seismic conditions and aided decision-making & analysis technology, field evaluation and scientific investigation technology, supercomputing and disaster simulation technology, emergency plans-oriented pragmatic handling technology as well as acquisition & prompt report technology for seismic conditions. The division will continue to reinforce accumulation of theoretical knowledge on seismo-catastrophology and seismic emergency science as well as relevant technologies, so as to provide technical support for the governments of all levels and the society to better cope with earthquake disasters.

Division on Seismic Emergency Technology and Disaster Reduction Information has 10 standing scientific personnel, among whom there are 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academician Ma Zongjin) and 3 Senior Research Fellows; 6 scientific personnel hold doctor's degree and there are additional 10 postdoctorates, PhDs and Master’s Degree candidates. Since it was founded in 1996, the Division has undertaken over 20 country-level scientific research projects, for example, 973 Program, National Key Technology R&D Program, Natural Science Foundation of China and special seismic-related programs; published over one hundred of academic papers and specialized publications. It is one of the key academic institutions for seismic hazards and emergency research within the system of China Earthquake Administration and even the whole China mainland.

Research Interests:

1)        Global geodynamics: study on the rules of global seismic activities.

2)        Seismic emergency decision-making: seismic emergency zoning, emergency evaluation and preparation of emergency plans.

3)        Seismic emergency information: evaluation of seismic hazards, fast acquisition of seismic disaster information and carrying out field investigations.

4)        Disaster risk analysis: relevant research on vulnerability and risks of earthquakes, disaster perception and responses, disaster education and local disaster reduction.

Director: Nie Gaozhong

Deputy Director: Su Guiwu

Subject groups:

Global geodynamics

Member: Ma Zongjin

Seismic emergency decision-making

Members: Nie Gaozhong (team leader), Deng Yan and An Jiwen

Seismic emergency information

Members: Li Zhiqiang (team leader) and Li Tao

Disaster mechanism and risk analysis

Members: Su Guiwu(team leader) andWei Benyong