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Laboratory of Neotectonics and Geochronology

2014/5/18 21:14:11

The Laboratory of Neotectonics and  Geochronology, affiliated to Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration, was founded in 1984 and approved as the open laboratory of China Seismological Bureau in 1990. At the end of 2003, it was incorporated into the National Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics. Since it was founded, the Laboratory is dedicated to neotectonics and geochronologic study of the Cenozoic era, especially the neocene, which are related to the application of methods and techniques of chronology to tectonics, recent tectonic evolution, tectonic - thermal evolution, young volcanic activities and environmental transition as well as the further development and improvement thereof.

With the support from leaders of China Earthquake Administration and Institute of Geology, as well as great subsidies from the digital network project during the "11th Five-year Plan", the construction project of "national key laboratory of seismic dynamics" and the special project for renovation & procurement of country-level scientific institutions, etc, the Neotectonic Chronology Laboratory has basically completed the upgrade and renovation of operating environment and large instruments and devices for 7 subordinate laboratories, i.e., 14C, OSL/TL, electron spin resonance (ESR), K-Ar and 40Ar-39Ar, fission track (FT) dating, cryptogam laboratory and pre-processing of cosmogenic nuclide (10Be/26Al), etc. At present, the Laboratory is equipped with 2 sets of Quantulus-1220 ultra-low background liquid scintillation spectrometer, 2 sets of Daybreak 1100 TL/OSL measuring apparatus from the United States, 3 sets of Daybreak 2200 OSL automatic measuring apparatus from the United States, 1 set of BRULER EMS-6/1 ESR signal spectrometer from Germany, 1 set of VG MM-1200 static mass spectrometer from the U.K., 1 set of GV MM-5400 (He type) mass spectrometer and 2 sets of fission-track analysis systems, which are put into service for the research of neotectonics, active structure, volcanic dynamics, earthquake prediction, quaternary geology and environmental change. In a word, this is a characteristic chronology laboratory that features complete dating techniques, wide-ranging targets and scopes, advanced instruments and devices as compared with counterpart laboratories at home and abroad.

Chief Director: Chen Jie                 Tel: 62009093

Deputy Director: Zheng Dewen     Tel:62009250

Laboratory: OSL-TL chronology laboratory; C-14 chronology laboratory; ESR chronology laboratory, FT chronology laboratory; Ar-Ar chronology laboratory, cryptogam chronology laboratory; cosmogenic nuclide chronology laboratory; minor features evolution laboratory; late-cenozoic structure and geomorphic evolution.

Subject groups

Neotectonics and OSL-TL chronology

Members: Chen Jie (team leader) and Liu Jinfeng


Members: Zheng Dewen (team leader), Liu Chunru and Liu Yuexia

Tectonic landform and chronology

Members: Yin Jinhui (team leader), Zhang Peizheng, Zhang Huiping, Zheng Wenjun and Zheng Rongzhang

Cenozoic tectonics and environmental events

Members: Jiang Hanchao (team leader) and Wang Ping