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Two graduate students of the Institute of Geology win the Excellent Dissertation Award of the Seismological Society of China

2019/11/28 16:02:53

To implement the strategy of strengthening China through science, technology, and talent, to give full recognition to the role of discovering, training, and recommending talent,to promote scientific development and technological progress and innovation in the field of earthquake science and technology, and to promote the growth of young talent and strengthen membership, the Seismological Society of China carried out the selection of excellent doctoral and master's degree dissertations. After three rounds of pre-examination, preliminary evaluation, and final evaluation, five excellent doctoral dissertations and five excellent master's degree dissertations have been selected. Dr. Chen Jinyu (advisor: researcher Yang Xiaosong) of our institute won the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of the Seismological Society of China, and Han Nana M.Sc.(advisor: researcher Shan Xinjian) won the excellent master dissertation award of the Seismological Society of China.



Award-winning articles





Experimental study on the influence of carbon-bearing structure and partial melting on crustal conductivity of orogenic belt

Chen Jinyu

Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award

Yang Xiaosong


Quantitative study on earthquake active faults based on high-resolution remote sensing data

Han Nana

Excellent Master’s Dissertation Award

Shan Xinjian