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Two young technologistsfromthe Institute of Geology won the 10th Li ShanbangYouthExcellent in EarthquakeScience and Technology Paper Awards

2019/11/28 16:02:25

To pass on the merits and achievements of the distinguished scientist of the Chinese academic community Professor Li Shanbang in the exploration and development of China's modern earthquake science, and to encourage middle-aged and young technologists in their of love earthquake science and their brave climb of the mountain of science, the Seismological Society of China set up the “Li ShanbangYouthExcellent in EarthquakeScience and Technology Paper” awards, with the purpose ofrewarding young science and technology workers who have made outstanding achievements in the field of earthquake science.

Recently, the Seismological Society of China announced the 10th “Li ShanbangYouthExcellent in EarthquakeScience and Technology Paper” award winner list. From the Institute of Geology, ResearchFellow Chen Jinyu won the first prize,and researcher Lu Renqi was awarded the second prize. Congratulations!

This honor fully confirms the efforts of several young comrades in our institute in the work of earthquake science. We hope that all the young technologistsfrom our institute stay true to the mission, carry forward Professor Li Shanbang's rigorous academic attitude and brave spirit of innovation devoted to scientific research, and forge ahead with determination to make new and greater contributions to earthquake science and technology innovation andthe prevention and mitigation of earthquake disasters.

Awardee name

Award-winning article


Award level

Chen Jinyu

Melting conditions changes in the modern Tibetan crust since the Miocene

Nature Communications

First prize

Lu Renqi

Three-Dimensional Model of the Lithospheric Structure Under the Eastern Tibetan Plateau:Implications for the Active Tectonics and Seismic Hazards


Second prize