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The Institute of Geology holds training on 3D modeling software and database technology

2019/11/28 16:01:26

To promote the progress of the National Key Research and Development Program “key technology and application for 3D modeling of different types of active faults” at the Institute of Geology, CEA, the unit undertaking the project “research and development of a public platform for 3D modeling of active faults and compilation of technical regulations” organized and held a training course on 3D modeling software and database technology in Beijing from June 24 to 26, 2019.

First, a professor from the School of Computer Science and Technology of BeihangUniversity and a technician from Beijing GridWorld Co., Ltd. introduced many the key technologies of basic geological models. Then, relevant technicians explained the use of Shendi modeling software and modeling technology in detail. Finally, experts from the Institute of Geology explained the database template and database entry technology used in the construction of the project database, gave a detailed introduction of the content of each subject needing database entry, and released the database template.

Nearly 50 students from the University of Science and Technology of China, Hohai University, the Institute of Geology of the China EarthquakeAdministration, the Institute of Crustal Dynamics of the China EarthquakeAdministration, the Earthquake Prediction Research Institute of the China Seismological Administration, the Geophysical Exploration Center of the China EarthquakeAdministration, and the China Earthquake Disaster Prevention Center attended the training course. The students initially mastered the software for deep exploration modeling, learned to understand the key technologies of 3D geological modeling, and learned the requirements for project database construction.

This training course provided important technical support for improving the 3D modeling capabilities and database construction skills of project participants.