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Dr. Shi Feng and his teammates carried out emergency research work on a landslide in Xiangning County, Shanxi Province

2019/8/21 11:05:28

At 18:10 on March 15, 2019, a landslide occurred on the north side of the Zaoling health center in Xiangning County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, causing the collapse of a family building of the health center (six households), a family building of the credit cooperatives (eight households) and a small bath center (Figure 1). Following a request from the Shanxi Earthquake Administration, on March 18, Dr. Shi Feng from the Institute of Geology of China Earthquake Administration led three graduate students (Zhuang Qitian, Sun Wen and Zhou Chao) and engineer Zhang Wenhao from Beijing Esky Tec Ltd to the landslide site in Xiangning county to carry out measurements and surveys with the aims of assessing the precise shape of the Xiangning landslide and understanding the way in which the landslide occurred. With the help of land-based Lidar, airborne Lidar and unmanned aerial technology (Figure 2), detailed data on the Xiangning landslide (Figure 3) were obtained and preliminary analysis of the causes of this landslide was conducted.

Figure 1 Photograph of the Xiangning landslide

Figure 2 Field personnel and airborne Lidar 

Figure 3 DEM of the landslide