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IGCEA signed a Framework Agreement on Science and Technology Exchange and Cooperation with Henan Earthquake Bureau

2018/12/13 14:20:54

To thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Seismological Science and Technology Innovation Conference, promote scientific and technological innovations in seismic research, cultivate talent in earthquake science and technology, and increase the contribution rate of achievements in seismic science and technology , on October 22, 2018, Chairman Shengli Ma, on behalf of IGCEA, and Director Heling Wang, on behalf of Henan Earthquake Bureau, signed a Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement in Beijing. Based on principles such as advantage complementarity, resource sharing, pragmatic effectiveness, coordinated development and “win–win”, the two sides reached consensus on cooperation in research on scientific projects, talent development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Researcher Xinjian Shan (the vice-chairman of IGCEA), Researcher Hongling He (director of the Division of Active Tectonics), Xiaoping Yang (researcher from the Division of Active Tectonics), Researcher Qing Zhou (deputy director of the Division of Seismic Zonation and Engineering Seismology), Researcher Jiuhui Chen (director of the Division of Solid Earth Geophysics and Deep Structure Studies), Researcher Weijun Gan (director of the Division of Space Geodesy and Crustal Deformation Studies), Researcher Jinhui Yin (deputy director of the Laboratory of Neotectonics and Geochronology), Yang Gao (office director), Rui Deng (deputy director of the Science and Technology Development Department), Zhizhen Wang (director of the Earthquake Disaster Prevention Center, Henan Earthquake Bureau), Can Huang (office director of the Henan Earthquake Bureau), Min Hao (researcher of the Monitoring and Forecasting Office, Henan Earthquake Bureau), Zhongying Yang (director of the Earthquake Prevention Department, Henan Earthquake Bureau) and Jun Zhang (director of the Planning and Finance Department, Henan Earthquake Bureau) participated in the fair and signing ceremony.

Chairman Shengli Ma first provided general information on and introduced the scientific research of IGCEA and reviewed the history of the cooperation between IGCEA and Henan Earthquake Bureau. He also emphasized that, although Henan is a province with few earthquakes, the work that Henan Earthquake Bureau is doing is distinctive and the cooperation between the two sides is broad. Director Heling Wang first introduced the general tectonic setting and seismic activities in Henan Province and gave information about their recent key scientific and technological projects. He also thanked IGCEA for its long-term support in earthquake science and training of young talent. Moreover, he hoped that both sides would further strengthen the breadth and depth of cooperation.

The participants from both sides then held a heated discussion  on issues such as activity structure, historical earthquakes and observations of seismic deformation in Henan Province. The two sides hope that through the signing of this agreement, some important scientific issues, such as earthquake hazard prevention and disaster reduction in Henan Province, will be studied under the framework of the cooperation projects, achieving a win–win situation.