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IGCEA signed a Framework Agreement on Working Assistance - II with Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau

2018/10/9 15:21:31

To thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Seismological Science and Technology Innovation Conference, promote innovation in seismic science and technology, cultivate talent in earthquake science and technology, and increase the contribution rate of achievements in seismic science and technology , on September 20, 2018, Chairman Shengli Ma , on behalf of IGCEA, and Director Yong Zhang, on behalf of Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau, signed a Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement in Urumqi. Based on principles such as advantage complementarity, resource sharing, pragmatic effectiveness, coordinated development and “win–win”, the two sides reached consensus on cooperation in research on scientific projects, talent development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Researcher Xinjian Shan (the vice-chairman of IGCEA), Researcher Hanchao Jiang (director of the Science and Technology Development), Researcher Jie Chen, (director of the Laboratory of Neotectonics and Geochronology), Weihua Hu (director of the Institute of Natural Disaster Defense, Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau), Jie Li (dean of the Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau), Daiqin Liu (vice-dean of the Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau), Man Li (director of the Network Data Center, Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau) and Qiulong Xu (director of the Underground Fluid Research Center, Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau) participated in the fair and signing ceremony.

Chairman Shengli Ma first provided general information about and introduced the scientific researches of IGCEA and reviewed the history of cooperation between IGCEA and Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau. He emphasized that Xinjiang is a province with frequent earthquakes and has clear structural geomorphology. The two sides could cooperate in studies of historical earthquakes, observation of crustal deformation and active structures.

Director Zhang Yong provided general information on the Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau and thanked IGCEA for its long-term support in earthquake science and training of young talent. He hoped that through the signing of this agreement, hot scientific issues , such as earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, that the Xinjiang Earthquake Bureau is facing, could be effectively solved by the cooperative project, achieving a win–win situation.