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The Geological Institute and CCTV jointly carried out a volcano science popularization publicity campaign

2018/8/9 14:42:12

In July 2018, scientific research personnel from the Active Volcano Laboratory and the Neotectonic Chronology Laboratory of our institute went to Changbai Mountain volcano and Longgang volcano in Jilin Province to conduct a scientific expedition on volcanic geology. During the field work, with the careful planning of journalists from CCTV Jilin station and the active cooperation of the local departments concerned, we jointly carried out some work popularizing volcanic science. In addition to the CCTV news channel (cctv-13) and the CCTV finance channel (cctv-2) reporting this popular science program, the CCTV news microblog, CCTV news mobile network, CCTV news client and Toutiao broadcast six 1-hour live webcasts of this activity, and the total number of online viewers reached more than 10 million. This series of volcanic science popularization activities involved various fields of volcano research and monitoring, with extensive content, a strong scientific nature, a large audience and remarkable results. This volcanic science popularization activity is a scientific way of implementing the theme of "earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, science popularization first " of the First National Earthquake Science Popularization Conference of 2018. This activity will effectively improve the knowledge of the whole population about volcanoes and the science of disaster prevention and reduction, to comprehensively enhance the ability of the whole society to prevent natural disasters .


Screenshotsof a series of scientific research activities on Changbai Mountain volcano and Longgang volcano