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The second "Summer Camp for Excellent College Students" of the Institute of Geology was concluded successfully

2018/12/12 14:37:27

 To attract excellent undergraduates from solid geophysics, geology and other related majors across the country, and to enable them to have a better understanding of earthquake science and the Institute of Geology of China Earthquake Administration, from July 16 to July 19, 2018, our institute held the second "Summer Camp for Excellent College Students" in Beijing. Twenty-three excellent university students from various geological universities in China were selected for this summer camp. The content of the summer camp activity was divided into academic exchange and practical cognition, with warm exchanges between teachers and students. The arrangement of the activities allowed the summer camp members to gain a comprehensive understanding of earthquake science research, and the scientific and technological achievements were publicized in the form of popular science. The event was a complete success.

  At the opening ceremony on July 16, the deputy director of our institute, Shan Xinjian, first welcomed the students. He was pleased that his participants were determined to be dedicated to earthquake science. Deputy Director Shan introduced the scientific research situation and future development prospect of our institute in detail in terms of five aspects: historical evolution, subject direction, personnel institution , scientific research strength and academic environment, and he encouraged students to strive for the peak of earth science.

  During the summer camp, the students went to Tangshan and visited the Tangshan Earthquake Museum. The students were shocked by the disaster caused by the Tangshan Earthquake, and they were deeply moved by the spirit of earthquake relief. They were determined to devote themselves to the study of earthquake science and made up their minds to contribute to earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. Then, under the guidance of Researcher Xu Jiandong and Researcher He Honglin, the students made field visits to the Tangshan Locomotive Depot, Tangshan No. 10 Middle School and the office building of the Tangshan Ceramics Factory. At the scene of the earthquake deformation zone, the students carefully observed the phenomenon and characteristics of the earthquake disaster, and they seriously thought and actively raised a large number of professional questions. The teachers gave a lively explanation to everyone, and the students gained great deal of knowledge.

  To deepen the students' understanding of the Institute of Geology, Researcher He Honglin, Researcher Xu Jiandong, Researcher Zhou Bengang, Researcher Nie Gaozhong, Researcher Chen Jiuhui, Researcher He Changrong, Researcher Yin Jinhui, Associate Researcher Zhang Zhuqi, Associate Researcher Hu Gang and other researchers gave presentations on related subjects, covering the fields of geology, geophysics and geodesy. The presentations were excellent, and the questions and interactions attracted and inspired the students' interest in earth science research. The students had in-depth communication with their teachers about their doubts and preliminarily determined their research directions according to their own research interests. Later, the students visited the National Earthquake Emergency Rescue Training Base and the State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics.

  After 4 days of in-depth study, communication and exchange, this activity strengthened students' understanding of earthquake science research and the scientific research situation of our institute, provided an opportunity for excellent college students to combine theory with practice, and widened the students' scientific research horizons. This activity achieved the expected results.