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The Symposium on Neotectonic Movement, Active Tectonics and Seismic Geology Was Concluded Successfully

2018/5/31 14:33:27

To promote the development of the discipline of Neotectonic Movement, Active Tectonics and Seismic Geology, present newly released research results, explore the future direction and key points of scientific research, the Active Tectonic and Volcanic Key Laboratory of the IGCEA; the Commission for Earthquake Seismology, the Seismological Society of China; the Key Laboratory of Crustal Dynamics, China Earthquake Administration; and the Key Laboratory of Neotectonic Movement and Seismic Disaster, Ministry of Natural Resources, jointly held a symposium on neotectonic movement, active tectonics and seismic geology in Beijing on May 26, 2018.

The conference was organized by the Active Tectonic and Volcanic Key Laboratory of the IGCEA. Academician Teng Jiwen, Ma Jin, Deng Qidong, Shi Yaolin, Zhang Peizhen, Ding Lin , and others, and more than 230 scholars and experts from 46 institutes and universities attended this meeting.

There were nine invited lectures. These lectures concerned active neotectonics and high frequent strong earthquakes; the timescales were from the present day to the Cenozoic Era; the focuses ranged from the topography and morphology of the ground surface and fault profiles to the dynamics of the deep earthquake generation mechanism; and the topics were as diverse as exploring new ways of earthquake forecasting to quantitative calculation of potential earthquake forecasting and from understanding the active tectonic patterns in China to a developmental review of seismic geology. The contents of the presentations were wonderful and distinctive: some of them were vivid; some provided rigorous analyses; some were innovative; and others gave high-level summaries. After each presentation, there was a warm discussion that met the expected results.

During the meeting, the book titled Urban Active Faults Exploration—the Results for 20 Cities, and compilations that included an Autograph Album, Selected Papers, Monographs, and the Atlas of Academician Deng Qidong and the first volume of Seismology and Geology in 2018 provided by the Active Tectonic and Volcanic Key Laboratory of the IGCEA and the editorial office of Seismology and Geology were greatly welcomed by the attendees.