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Professor Shi Yaolin from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences came to the Institute of Geology for academic exchange

2018/5/25 14:31:53

At the invitation of Researcher Ma Shengli, Professor Shi Yaolin, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered an academic presentation entitled "Assumptions on Numerical Earthquake Prediction Roadmap" in the lecture hall on the third floor of our institute on May 24, 2018. Professor Shi Yaolin is a famous geophysicist who is mainly engaged in basic research on geodynamics. He has organically connected geology, seismology, comparative planetologyand other subjects, produced outstanding achievements in quantitative geodynamic simulation, and made valuable and creative contributions in thermo-tectonics, regional geodynamic simulation, and basic research on statistical seismology. In this presentation, Professor Shi Yaolin introduced the numerical prediction system of earthquakes in detail, and discussed a series of problems such as why to carry out research on numerical prediction of earthquakes, the relationship between empirical prediction and statistical prediction, and the relationship between numerical prediction of earthquakes and current empirical prediction.

  Professor Shi Yaolin's lecture dealt well with quite a complicated subject and was rich in content. More than 60 scientific research personnel and postgraduates listened carefully, asked questions and actively interacted with each other. The atmosphere of the discussion was warm and the academic atmosphere was active. This lecture enabled scientific research personnel to have a deeper understanding of the numerical prediction system of earthquakes, and broadened the academic horizons of graduate students, which is conducive to future study and scientific research.