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aking action and mitigating disaster risk in schools

2018/5/15 11:13:58

To further popularize knowledge of earthquake science, Researcher Dong Ruishu of our institute was invited by the teachers and students of the First Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing. On the afternoon of May 14, she went to this school to give a wonderful presentation entitled "Approaching Earthquake Science" to the students of grade five.

  This year is the tenth anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake. Researcher Dong first told the students about the earthquake in Wenchuan and the relief action taken by the country after the earthquake. She told students that the disaster would not bring us down; the people of the country stayed together to help the people in disaster areas overcome the disaster and overcome  difficulties. Then she showed students some videos on how to deal with earthquake disasters, and simply told them how to cope with earthquakes in different situations such as in homes, schools, public places, outdoors and the wild, and how to deal with fires caused by earthquakes. During the video-playing time, Researcher Dong gave supplementary explanations to everyone from time to time, and encouraged everyone to begin to use their knowledge of disaster risk avoidance and to take on the responsibility of being "little promoters of science popularization".

  When she talked about basic knowledge of earthquakes, Researcher Dong vividly introduced students to how to know about earthquakes, how to face earthquakes and how to use earthquakes by means of various figurative metaphors based on her years of work. In the process of explanation, she also raised some interesting questions from time to time to determine the students' understanding of earthquake knowledge and inspire them to think about earthquake problems with their own knowledge. Everyone responded enthusiastically: students scrambled to show their own ideas, and a lively and interactive atmosphere permeated the whole presentation. In addition, Researcher Dong told the students, using three actual examples from the Wenchuan Earthquake, that they must listen to the teacher's command during an earthquake, that students should help themselves and help each other without delay, and that they should not blindly surround the teacher and miss the best opportunity to escape. At the end of the lecture, Researcher Dong put forward her expectations to the students. Hoping that they would study well and fall in love with science and nature, she invited the children to join the earthquake research team when they grow up and explore the mystery of the earth together.

  To enhance the students' awareness of earthquake disaster reduction, we prepared a pamphlet on earthquake science knowledge. After the presentation, the student representatives happily took a group photo with Researcher Dong. The teachers of the school thanked Researcher Dong for her excellent explanation, and hoped that students could take action to mitigate the disaster risk around them by means of this lecture.