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Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake: science popularizes earthquake studies in the community and on campus

2018/5/10 11:08:07

 Ten years is long enough for a swaddling babyto grow into a charming teenager; ten years is also very short, as if the Wenchuan Earthquake occurred yesterday. The ruins and the changes in the mountains and rivers in the photographs are presented again with the teacher's introduction. Time freezes at 14:28 on May 12, 2008, Wenchuan, China.

  On the afternoon of May 8, researcher He Honglin was invited by the Party Committee of Wangjing Garden Community to come to Beijing No. 80 Middle School and Wangjing Science and Technology Park. He gave a popular science lecture on "Active Faults and Earthquakes" to more than 300 students in grades 1 and 2 and more than 50 representatives from enterprises under the jurisdiction of Wangjingdonghu Street.

  Beginning with the Wenchuan Earthquake, for the students in grade one and two, Mr. He explained the structure of the earth in a very simple and understandable way, using an egg as an analogy for the inner structure of the earth and a football as an analogy for surface features. He also used light bulbs and bombs to explain the difference between earthquake magnitude and intensity, and scars on the earth as an analogy for moving faults. He gave them a conceptual understanding of why earthquakes happen on earth, the causes of earthquake disasters, how the Wenchuan Earthquake happened and how to cope with earthquakes. To the community representatives, Mr. He not only explained the basic concept of earthquake occurrence, but also introduced the current situation of earthquake prediction, the main functions of the seismological bureau and the working system concerned with the public. By presenting some of the major work results achieved so far and basic information on ongoing research projects, the representatives gained a deeper understanding of the importance of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and fully felt the necessity of disaster prevention and reduction awareness in daily life. The two popular science lectures were rich in content and had different emphases. This popular science activity received attention from the leaders of our institute and gained strong support from the leaders of the East Lake Street Office. Director Xu Jifeng attended the popular science lecture in Wangjing Science Park and delivered a speech. Director Xu expressed his welcome and gratitude to the experts who carried out popular science lectures on earthquakes in the community, and hoped that in the future, these activities can be more widely carried out in the campus, the community and the public life.
  To encourage students who are interested in knowing about earthquake science, we provided the earthquake science publicity material “Handbook of knowledge of earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation for adolescents” to the students, and encouraged them to learn about earthquakes and the earth, and to study earth science. The popular science activities achieved the expected results.