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The Geophysics Doctoral Degree of the IGCEA Was Promoted to a First-class Discipline

2018/4/12 17:01:33

On March 22, 2018, the Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee released an announcement awarding the newly added doctoral and master’s degrees of 2017 under the “No. 9 degree” of the year and the list of disciplines and professional degrees that were approved at the 34th conference of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee. The second-class doctoral degree discipline Solid Earth Geophysics of the IGCEA was promoted to a first-class discipline doctoral degree—Geophysics. The institute now has two first-class discipline doctoral degrees: Geology and Geophysics.
This newly added discipline has further broadened the profession, optimized the discipline structure and layout and perfected the discipline system of the institute. This lays a solid foundation for the development of graduate education at the IGCEA and cultivation of versatile reserve talents for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction of the CEA.