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IGCEA held an academic presentation on large-scale complex geological modeling technology

2018/8/4 16:59:27

On April 4, 2018, Professor Huiping Zhang from IGCEA invited Professor Qin Yang from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to give an academic presentation on ‘Large-scale complex geological modeling technology’ in Room 204 of IGCEA.

Professor Yang has decades of research and technological experience in geological modeling and gridding. He also has significant global competitive advantages in large-scale, high-precision 3D geological modeling and gridding. He has independently developed software on several topics: geological structure and attribute description; geostress; tectonic evolution; and large-scale structural modeling. His technical achievements have been adopted by large petroleum and petroleum service corporations both in China and abroad. In addition to his outstanding achievements in the field of petroleum, his structural modeling and gridding technologies have been adopted in major projects in the field of urban geology.

The main contents of his academic report included: trends in the development of geological modeling technology; evaluation standards for 3D geological modeling technology; universal unified modeling methods; unified modeling of natural objects and artificial objects; gridding of arbitrary complex objects; large-scale high-precision overall modeling; and case analysis.

The presentation attracted more than 40 people including researchers and graduate students. Researchers exchanged ideas and inspired each other. The academic atmosphere was active, and everyone benefited greatly from the presentation and discussion.