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Annual Academic Conference Held by the Institute of Geology

2018/7/6 16:37:28

On February 5, 2018, the Institute of Geology held an annual symposium in the academic hall to present an account of recent academic progress, to help promote the exchange and mutual inspiration of the researchers, improve the academic environment, and promote the scientific research capabilities of the institute. More than 140 people, including the directors, academicians, researchers, and graduate students attended the conference. The meeting also attracted the attention of dozens of researchers from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geology of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, and Institute of Earthquake Forecasting of the China Earthquake Administration.

Director Ma Shengli and Vice-Director Shan Xinjian jointly hosted the meeting. Director Ma briefly reviewed the scientific research achievements of the institute during 2014–2017. He also outlined the objectives of the academic meeting and he stressed the importance of interdisciplinary exchange. Then, Associate Researcher Wang Weitao was invited to present the main findings of the project titled “Late Cenozoic Tectonic Deformation and Formation of the Tibetan Plateau and its Northern Margin.” This project was conducted by academician Zhang Peizhen and his team, and it won second prize at the National Natural Science Awards. On behalf of the staff of the institute, Director Ma expressed his congratulations and respect to the award-winning group.

The presentations at the conference were organized by subject group. The year 2017 is due to the subject examinations of the Institute of Geology. Each group has obtained fruitful scientific research achievements in recent years, including publishing international SCI articles, winning scientific research projects, and cultivating talent. The meeting was intended to provide a platform for researchers and graduates of the institute to learn from each other and to exchange their ideas. There were 14 speakers representing the various subject groups, namely Yang Xiaoping, Wei Haiquan, Li Ni, Han Zhujun, Li Zhiqiang, Zhan Yan, Zhao Panpan, Zhang Guohong, He Changrong, Liu Peixun, Yao Lu, Liu Jinfeng, and Wang Wei, each of whom delivered an academic report and exchanged details of their latest achievements and ideas with the other attendees. The presentations were wonderful, the atmosphere was active, and the discussions were lively; therefore, it was considered a successful meeting that achieved the anticipated results.