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Senior Researcher Zhang Huiping Won the 16th Silver Hammer Award

2018/7/6 16:30:45

To encourage young geologists to work hard and to promote outstanding young geologists, the Geological Society of China set up the Geological Science and Technology Awards, which include the Gold Hammer Award and the Silver Hammer Award. These awards are issued biennially in odd years to geologists younger than 40 years old who have made substantial contributions to geological science and technology. Researcher Zhang Huiping of our institute won the 16th Silver Hammer Award, as published by the Geological Society of China, and we congratulate him on this achievement. In 2015, Zhang was elected into the Young Outstanding Talent plan, which is part of the Ten Thousand People program of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee. Then, in 2016, he won the Excellent Youth Fund from the National Science Foundation of China and the 10th Youth Science and Technology Award for his work on the Tibetan Plateau. We encourage all young researchers to consider Zhang an example, and to perform their research with dedication and to continue to make new contributions to earthquake science and technology innovation.