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Symposium on High-temperature and High-pressure Rock Mechanics and Tectonophysics held in Taiyuan

2018/7/6 16:27:07

A symposium on high-temperature and high-pressure rock mechanics and tectonophysics was held on July 29, 2017, in Taiyuan in Shanxi Province (China). This meeting was hosted by the Commission for Tectonophysics, Seismological Society of China (CTSSC), Commission for High-temperature and High-pressure Rock Mechanics, Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics & Engineering (CHHRM, CSRME), and Shanxi Society for Rock Mechanics & Engineering (SSRME), and it was organized by the State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics (SKLED), Shanxi Earthquake Agency (SEA), and Taiyuan University of Technology (TUT). Overall, 58 people from 20 institutes, including colleges, universities, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Earthquake Administration, and other related enterprisesparticipated in this meeting. Some scientific researchers of the Shanxi Earthquake Agency also attended. Zhao Shengyang, the vice-chairman of the CSRME and chairman of the SSRME, senior researcher Ma Shengli, the chairman of the CESSSC and director of the CTSSC, and senior researcher He Changrong, the chairman of the CSRME and director of the CHHRM, delivered academic presentations. Guo Xingquan, the director of the SEA and Professor Liang Weiguo, the vice-president of the TUT opened the meeting with speeches of welcome.

In total, 37 academic papers were received for this meeting, although only 29 were presented. Focusing on seismotectonics and seismicity, fault friction behaviors and earthquake mechanisms, rock rheology and lithosphere strength, rock physics and the earth’s internal structure, rock physical and mechanical properties, and exploration for oil and gas resources, the attendees conducted extensive academic exchanges and discussions. This meeting reflected the recent progress in these fields, especially those of fault and earthquake mechanics, high-temperature and high-pressure rock physics, rock mechanics, and resource exploration. During the meeting, the participants visited the Key Laboratory of In situ Property-improving Mining of the Ministry of Education at the Taiyuan University of Technology, and they investigated ground cracks in the Qingxu and Jiaocheng faults.