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The Institute of Geology’s first “Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students" was Completed Successfully

2018/7/6 16:19:47

To attract outstanding college students to the field of earthquake science, we organized a “Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students” in Beijing during July 17–20, 2017. The 20 campers came from various geology universities in China. This camp lasted four days and the activities were divided into two elements: academic exchange and practical cognition. The schedule of organized activities was reasonably intense and the participation of the teachers and students was encouraged. The camp was intended to provide the students with comprehensive understanding of seismic scientific research, and to publicize our scientific and technological achievements.

At the opening ceremony on July 17, 2017, Professor Ma Shengli, director of the Institute, welcomed all the students and expressed his happiness at their attendance, thanking them for their commitment to earthquake science. Director Ma introduced the history of the Institute, outlined its achievements and trends in subject development, and described the composition of the institute and the latest research directions, including five scientific and technical areas related to the primary focus of the Institute, i.e., China’s earthquake tectonic environment and seismic dynamics.

During the summer camp, professors Chen Jiuhui, Gan Weijun, He Changrong, Zhou Bengang, Zhang Huiping, and Associate Professor Wei Zhanyu delivered academic reports covering the topics of geology, geophysics, and geodetics. The questioning and interactive sessions following these lectures encouraged the students' interest in earth science research. The students conducted in-depth discussions with their mentors regarding their concerns over future possibilities, and they initially determined potential research directions based on their interests. Later, the students met with the 2018 Admissions Advisers individually, which allowed the instructors and campers to deepen their mutual understanding.

During the summer camp, the students visited the State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics, Active Structure and Volcanic Key Laboratory, National Earthquake Emergency Rescue Center, and Tangshan Earthquake Museum. During these visits, Prof. Yang Xiaoping and Prof. Zhang Huiping explained and analyzed the similarities and differences between several major earthquakes, and they clarified the causes of losses attributable to earthquake events. The students expressed that they personally felt the tragic consequences of earthquake-related destruction in China, which strengthened their ambition to serve their country through pursuing earthquake science research.

The students made some very good suggestions regarding the subject matter and structure of the first “Summer Camp for Outstanding College Students.” Overall, the summer camp increased the students’ understanding of earthquake science research and it strengthened their interest in the subject area. Moreover, the camp provided excellent students with an opportunity to combine theory with practice and to broaden their scientific research horizons, which achieved the expected results.